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Check Your Transcript, Renew Your License and many more![+]

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Carriers that have a proven track record for the best overall E&O value in the marketplace – not just a policy, but a comprehensive program.[+]
What is Ethics? This class will assist you in recognizing ethical dilemmas in current events and identifying questions to assist in ethical decision making. You will also review the ethical problem areas in the insurance industry. The Code of Ethics for IIABA and CPCU will be explored with a discussion as to why they are needed. The last portion of the class will involve applying ethical decision making in various insurance situations. AM session only! [+]
This course provides a general overview of standard workers compensation and employers liability insurance, with specific attention to provisions that most affect coverage or create problems for some or all contractors. In addition to the standard policy provisions, key statutes that impact contractors workers compensation exposure and costs, such as independent contractor liability, employee leasing, overtime pay, and various federal acts, are also addressed. Suggestions for modifying coverage to address potential coverage gaps and other problematic provisions are provided where appropriate. [+]
This full day program will include agency management information and customer service management. [+]
A review of personal lines coverages other than HO and PAP such as Dwelling policies, Mobile homes, Inland Marine, Boats, Flood, FAIR Plans, and Umbrellas. [+]
Presented by Carl Harvey – Cost $150 Agencies want and need to grow. To do that, they need sales producers who can sell. The problem is that, for many agencies, this remains an elusive goal. For the track record of too many agencies in hiring sales producers is a string of failed efforts and repeated mistakes: producers with a book of business, who no longer want or can sell; salespeople with insurance experience, who are escaping from failure; or salespeople outside of the industry who show promise, but lack the skills and strengths to succeed. These disappointments confront agencies with an unwanted dilemma: stop looking, and thus stop growing; or continue to make the same bad hires and repeat the same mistakes. The alternative? Stop reliving ground hog day and instead put in place a systematic process of attracting, identifying, and evaluating sales talent. In this immediately actionable talk, Carl Harvey, sales development specialist and author of the book, “What’s Stopping You?”, will outline just such a process. He will begin by identifying the most common mistakes made by agencies in looking for salespeople. He will then outline a powerful 8 step Hiring Mosaic to attract, identify and hire salespeople who can sell: How to write ads that will attract top performers while discouraging the weaker ones; how to automate your hiring process; the importance of using a sales specific assessment to identify weaknesses that may be fatal but you will never pick up in an interview or find on a resume; what to look for on resumes and what to look for that isn’t on the resumes; how to conduct a phone interview to separate the wheat from the chaff; how to conduct the in-person interview and what questions to ask to determine whether the candidates can sell; and how to use reference checks to find out the truth about the candidates. Attracting, identifying and hiring the right salespeople is neither a mystery nor a matter of luck. Rather it is about cause and effect, understanding the qualities and characteristics of strong salespeople and being able to identify and evaluate those traits through a systematic hiring process. [+]

Coalition Adds Four Surplus Lines Enhancements

Mulit-factor authentication retention reduction, your obligations as an insured, duty to cooperate and invoice manipulation endorsements will now be added to all surplus lines quotes.[+]

Rigid Bits Joins Agents Council for Technology

Rigid Bits works closely with the independent insurance channel to help businesses and their clients understand and reduce their cybersecurity risks, meet compliance requirements, and respond to cybersecurity events.[+]

The Importance of Mental Toughness

To make your business a success, you must be able to hire and develop mentally tough sales professionals who can be effective when the stakes are high.[+]
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